The 3 Rules Of Being A Writer

I was scrolling through an app (Writer) I have on my Android phone with past ideas and thoughts of mine. And I found this.

The 3 rules of being a writer:

  1. You write.
  2. You don’t break rule number one.
  3. You don’t ever break rule number one and two.

It’s been so long I don’t remember if I shared this before. If I did, oops. If I didn’t, I’m doing my job correctly.

Anyhow, I hope everyone has (or will have) a wonderful day. To whom this may be applicable to, have a wonderful long weekend.

On another note, I’ll be spending this long weekend writing, reading, and blogging. Perhaps, you will too?

Thoughts On Reading Quickly

I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t read as fast as I do. Thank God I can read quickly and retain information simultaneously.

If you have a difficult time reading and retaining in a short amount of time, I’m sorry.

Then again, I’m glad I’m not you. Going to the library and checking out ten books at a time is just the best feeling ever because I know I can reasonably finish those books in less than a month. Life would just be terrible if I could only read one book in one month.

If I Don’t Reply To Your Text Message, Here’s Why:

I am…

  • reading
  • writing
  • blogging
  • dancing
  • sleeping

If, on the off chance, I am not doing any of the 5 above, I will gladly and quickly respond to your message.

If, however, I am occupied with a book, a notebook, a blog, a dance, or a bed, understand I’ll reply when I have the time to do so.

Hope this clears up any misunderstandings or confusion. I’m not trying to be rude. I’m a writer. And writers are busy people. Don’t hate us.

Secret Sunday

I’m posting a bit later than usual today and one of the reasons for this is because I didn’t know what to blog about on this fine Sunday night.

Hence, my day long contemplation.

So after mulling it over, I figured I’d share a secret with you.


Come a little closer.

Promise you won’t laugh?

Well…I haven’t told anyone this.

But there’s this guy.

And he’s my muse.


I’m not weird.

Every time I need to be inspired, he’s my inspiration.

This isn’t some crazy teenage lust. It’s not some insane infatuation.

He honestly is my muse.

It’s scary.

Don’t you dare tell me I’m wrong. Or that I’m silly. Or something ridiculous.

I refuse to listen. LALALALALALA.

He’s my inspiration. Let me ride this wave out.

That is all for today. Perhaps next Sunday I shall spill another secret?

I Love Being In The Writing Zone

Just a warning though, don’t bother or distract me when I am in the zone.

In any case, have a wonderfully productive weekend writing. I’m just realizing how awkward that previous sentence sounded. Also, while I was in the zone I found out I used the word “that” about 8 times in less than 800 words. Yes, I have “that” problem. See what I did there? *Wink* I won’t bother to correct my badly structured sentence or rewrite my blog post without using that. I’m in the writing zone right now, not the editing/revising zone.