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Ten Rules To Follow To Get Published

My claim to fame was through having my work published and being Googleable. This means that if you searched my name up, you would see my writing posted on a website as well as in an anthology. Furthermore, you would see a picture of me featured in another article online. Here I offer you my top ten rules to follow in order to achieve that ever-prevalent goal among writers of being published.

  1. One shall write (preferably every day).
  2. One shall write well. If one cannot, then one shall learn to write well.
  3. One shall revise, edit, and proofread without whining.
  4. One shall never plagiarize or copy off another writer under any circumstance whatsoever.
  5. One shall seek out editors, agents, publishers, and others in the business knowledgeably.
  6. One shall submit his or her best work only. This means no first or rough drafts.
  7. One shall never procrastinate.
  8. One shall learn from mistakes vowing never to repeat those same mistakes again.
  9. One shall take criticism well and learn to overcome rejection.
  10. One shall learn to be patient.

On that note, having my writing published isn’t just a dream anymore…it is actually a reality.

12 thoughts on “Ten Rules To Follow To Get Published

  1. Seeing your first post makes me wonder when I started following you? But this is great and so you. You’ve improved and changed over the years, but this is your voice. That’s one thing that’s never changed and that’s awesome.


  2. Found this post years after it was posted and you know what? – it is fabulous! I really enjoyed reading it… it made me decide to google myself too to see what comes up – unfortunately my blog post doesn’t come up but then I remembered my blog post is anonymous so that is why


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