5 Things Writers Need To Stop Doing

Another two part post is coming your way but for now you’ll have to make do with the first five things all writers need to stop doing. Who knows maybe you do all of these things? Maybe you do only one? Either way I hope you can get something out of this post and the next, Five More Things Writers Need To Stop Doing.

  1. Stop worrying and wallowing. Worry is a useless emotion. It brings you down, tears you apart, and ruins your happiness. So next time you find yourself sitting at the computer or drifting off to sleep with even a seed of worry and doubt planted in your mind, remember to calm down, breathe, and let all your worries disappear. I’m not a fan of pity parties. I’m also not a fan of people wallowing in self-pity. If you are unhappy, do something about it. If you don’t like something, fix it. But if you wallow and you worry for the rest of your life, you won’t ever live your life to the fullest. And when you’re 90 years old looking back at your life, you’ll have regrets. Living life with regrets is one of the worst ways to live.
  2. Stop feeling self-conscious. Heck, everyone on this planet should stop feeling this way, especially teenagers. I should know this because I am one. Not everyone in the world has time to care about what you’re doing or how you look. Not everyone in this world takes a second in their life to scrutinize you up and down. Stop being so unsure of yourself. You need not feel uncomfortable and embarrassed any longer because you deserve better than that.
  3. Stop caring about what other people think. In the grand scheme of things you should care about what you think. You are what you think. You won’t be any happier if you try to please 7 billion people in this world either. So quit pleasing everyone and start pleasing yourself.
  4. Stop copying market trends or other writers. Stop copying other authors. You are not an imposter, a phony, nor are you a serial killer copycat. Be original. Tell your own story. You’ll be better off writing what you want to write, not writing what you think will sell. Trust me. The market changes. Trends fluctuate all the time. Don’t waste your time copying what’s out already out there instead, spend your precious time writing what isn’t on the shelves already.
  5. Stop being afraid of insignificant matters. Fear is another useless, worthless emotion like worry. You have nothing to fear except fear itself. What’s the worst that can happen huh? When you find fear creeping up on you, write it down. Write down why you are scared. Then ask yourself how likely your biggest fear will happen. Hopefully, you’ll realize that some of your fears are unrealistic, impractical, or just plain stupid. Then erase all your fears and doubts and focus on your writing.

If you stop doing all five of these and started paying more attention to your writing, then your writing will get better. And you’ll be happier. And who knows maybe one day you will be mega successful. Unless you already are.

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