Why I Did Not Start A Blog Earlier

I have forever wanted to start a blog but I did not until now. Earlier this month, I finally decided to take the plunge into the crazy, scary, and awesome world of blogging. I have absolutely no regrets because I enjoy blogging; it gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. The only regret I truly have is why I waited this long to start one.

Here are some reasons why I did not start a blog earlier:

  1. The thought of it scared me. The workload, the time commitment, everything. I know better than to live in fear but overcoming fear is a great feat. Truth be told, starting a blog meant allocating a few hours each week to maintaining it, to generating new material, and creating new posts. I felt overwhelmed just thinking about it. I decided I would never know until I tried. Hence, I tried.
  2. I didn’t know what I would blog about. Seriously. I love writing. I could write about anything I chose to but when it came to deciding what I could blog about, I came up empty. I searched my mind and it came up blank. So I thought I would write about the one thing I loved in this entire world, writing. Among other things as well but mainly this blog is all about writing.
  3. I didn’t think anyone would be interested in reading what I had to say. Most of the time, what comes out of my mouth is plain garbage. Some of the time, what I write on paper is useless. However, I do have moments in my life where I think what I write or say is extremely genius thus,  I would like to share it with the world. Hence the start of this blog.
  4. I couldn’t possibly create a blog with my limited knowledge in blogging, web design, and computers.  Perhaps, I have underestimated myself. Perhaps, I surprise even myself. Once I started my blog things miraculously fell into place. It seemed effortless even. You don’t need to know much about technology or the Internet to start a blog—you just need to be willing to try.
  5. I didn’t want to fail. I know how that might sound in your head right now. To put it into perspective for you, I’m not the kind of person who likes failure. I don’t embrace failure like I embrace the four seasons here in Canada. I can embrace the chilly, icy winter temperatures and the scorching, summer sun but I do not necessarily welcome failure into my life with such open arms. Of course, every blogger wants to have a successful blog. For me I didn’t want to start one and have it collapse on me. In the end, I went ahead with this blog because my love of writing overrode my fear of failure.

All in all, this blog was created because I was able to put aside my fears, my doubts, and my worries and focus on doing what I do best: writing. Sure I hesitated in the beginning with a battle against uncertainty but I feel as if I prevailed.

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