Creative Writing

Day of Disappointment

I let myself down

I let my ego get the best of me

Now I’m here mending fences

Fixing bridges that I burned down


I know I did not help

I did myself a disservice

But I guess I thought I knew better

Am I wrong for wanting the best?


I set the bar high

When I missed and felt my hands slip

My heart sunk into my chest

I nearly drowned in a sea of numbness


So after taking a moment to let it sink in

To let my body soak in the mistakes I made

A fire was lit in my belly

I could feel it visibly inside of me


Emotions took over

I didn’t think it through

I should have calculated my moves

Like a professional chess champion would


This day is one of stress and frustration

It’s a minor setback I assure you

I won’t let defeat take me

If I did I wouldn’t be standing tall today


Failure doesn’t last forever

I guarantee I will come back stronger

Watch as I claim what is rightfully mine

I will someday, once again, conquer


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