Confessions Of A Writer

These are my confessions as a writer.

  1. I didn’t always like to write. I used to like numbers and math up until grade 4. I didn’t start falling in love with writing until grade 7 or 8. Finally, when I reached high school I began to take writing more seriously.
  2. I found excuses not to write. I still do this one all the time. Fact of the matter is, if you want to be a writer then you still haul your butt to that chair, sit down, and write until you reach your word count or the allotted amount of time you’ve set for yourself regardless of whatever else is going on in your life. The only excuse I ever give myself for not writing is: if I’m dying in a hospital bed I’m allowed to have a day off.
  3. I gave up on writing at one point. I get so frustrated whenever I can’t find the proper words to express myself. At one point, I completely stopped all creative writing projects albeit, I still had to write for school assignments or papers.
  4. I told myself I was never good enough. I also told myself that I could never be published but hey I made that happen so I guess I am good enough to make it in this business.
  5. I believed what others said instead of what I truly felt in my heart. I hate this one. People tell me all the time I can’t do something and I, more often than not, believe them. In my heart however, I know they are wrong.
  6. I planted a seed of doubt in my head. I always question my abilities. Always. I’d be happier if I could erase all doubts in my head. Too bad I know that won’t ever happen.
  7. I worried every day. I worry about whether my writing is good enough, whether I’m good enough, whether the main character in my story should fall in love, whether the teacher (that only appears once in my book) should wear red, etc. Yeah, I worry about all these things and so much more more.
  8. I procrastinated insanely. I’m doing better with not procrastinating nowadays. Frankly, I’m usually the first one to start something and the first to finish something. That’s because I need to make time for writing and blogging every day. If it wasn’t for my busy life then I would be procrastinating right now…*sits and watches TV for an hour before completing number 9 and 10 of this blog post*
  9. I am the least patient person ever. My patience meter is non-existent. I flip out over the smallest things, I can’t stand waiting on anybody, I get irritated with writer’s block, I’m frustrated when things don’t go my way…as you can see, I am horrible with being patient.
  10. I have regrets. I regret mistakes I’ve made in the past yet I learn from them. That’s the thing that matters the most right?

Well those are my 10 confessions.

What are yours?confessions

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