Freestyle Friday: 10 Things You Should Never Say To A Writer

  1. “Writing is like so easy. How hard can it possibly be?” All I can do when I hear this is shake my head sadly. If you have ever uttered these words in your lifetime, I hope you don’t become a writer. 
  2. “Writing is like so boring.” or the more rude version: “Writing is stupid.” This one is plain rude. How would you liked it if I called your hobby/passion boring or stupid?
  3. “Are you published?” For the record, don’t assume a writer is no good if they are not published. Writers are writers regardless of whether or not they are published or not.
  4. “I have always wanted to write a book.” If you really wanted it, you would have done it already. If you started writing a book, I applaud you. If you actually finished a book and I’m talking legitimately finish, I have much more respect for you. Now if only you were published…
  5. “Can you make me a character in your book?” No. I don’t care who you are. I will not make you a character in my book especially after that comment.
  6. “Do you make any money from writing?” For the curious souls out there, yes I have. That doesn’t make this question any less personal.
  7. “Can I read your manuscript?” Most of the time I would say no. Don’t get offended. It’s not personal. In fact, I don’t let many people read my manuscripts for obvious reasons known to all writers out there.
  8. “Why don’t you ever leave the house?” I do leave my house. I just don’t leave it often. Besides, writing takes priority over most things/people/responsibilities in my life.
  9. “So what is your book about?” I get annoyed whenever someone asks me this. Sure, it’s a valid question but it gets on my nerves nonetheless.
  10. “Stop stalking him!” Okay, this is 1. rude and 2. annoying. The only reason I haven’t murdered you yet is because I have better things to do than stalk people with my life. Hello?! I make time to write despite going to school, finishing my homework, studying for exams, doing any chores or housework, participating in after-school activities, volunteering, maintaining this wonderful blog, among other vital things in my life like sleeping and eating. How I have any time to stalk anyone is absurd to put it nicely.

I could think of more…I am sure other writers could think of things they would never want to hear again.

I’m sure this list will continue to grow as I continue my journey as a writer. That does not bother me at all. I am thankful for the support I have and the people that understand where I am coming from. Cheers to all the writers out there. Continue doing what you love to do regardless of what anyone says.

9 thoughts on “Freestyle Friday: 10 Things You Should Never Say To A Writer

  1. I’ve not answered your questions from your other post yet, but thought the questions here might be a interesting with a touch of humour to have a bit of a ramble.

    For one, I often hear the Hemingway quote about bleeding from people whom read quotes, but don’t write. Two, often comes down to ask them the question, ‘Do you read anything? Well someone’s got to write it, don’t they.’ Three, published, so many ways to do it now, options, but yeah a writer is a writer, good or bad, published or not. Four, first I set about to just write, and well, if something erupts into a book from a story of some kind, then that was the wild road it was meant to take (Kind of not one for over thinking fictional writing of my own, on the other hand, corporate, business, and paid gigs, different story). Five, never been asked that one, but I’m not writing a book, and I source my own characters. Six, not on writing directly, but other media based materials from paid gigs, yes, commercial work does not come free (Maybe they’re looking for a free book). Seven, first thought would them reading it be helpful in anyway, if not, just have to wait (happy I don’t have one at the moment). Eight, being able to write anywhere, is something I do enjoy. Nine, about a lot of things (go find a review, they’ll say it better, I only wrote it), but I don’t have a book, I have stories, a book is something complete that you choose from a shelf some place. Ten, Some people just don’t seem to be able to separate the writer from the writing, so the stalker obsession begins (I don’t get why people do it).


    1. I didn’t expect this ramble to be such a long one but I am grateful that you took precious time in your day to respond to this post. Thank you for that.
      I enjoy the dash of humour you’ve added to your ramble. It was great to hear your responses to some of these questions and comments writers receive quite regularly. Also, I can totally relate to what you said about number 10.
      Hopefully we will continue to keep in touch. Your insight is funny and encouraging at the same time. Thank you once again for making my day. 🙂


  2. If I could even count high enough for the amount of people who have said to me, “oh I want to write a book someday” UGH!!! THEN GO WRITE ONE!!!! of course the newest one I have gotten is… “I have this idea! You should totally write it!!!” **shudders** are you kidding me?!?! YOU have an idea you think I should write?!?!? **snorts** uh huh, cause when I get it written, it wont be what you think, or how you seen it and then you are not going to be happy with it… because my idea would not be the same!
    Actually I never really have much of anyone ask me what my books are about… and when I do, well… I love talking about my ideas, because for me, that is part of the process and how I manage to develop the stories fuller and into richer works.


    1. If only you had a penny for every time someone said they wanted to write a book to you, you would be able to retire before you even have to work. *grins*
      It’s difficult though and I guess people don’t write one because they are too scared or too lazy. Most likely the latter.
      Oh even worse is those people who claim to have an idea, asks you to write about it, and demands you split the profit with them. *shudders even more*
      I can see where you’re coming from. Unfortunately, describing my story to someone who doesn’t get it is probably why I’m annoyed when someone asks. Often times I would prefer to keep some details secret as well. Sure I love talking about my ideas…but with the right group of people (read: writers like me). 🙂


      1. I really only talk with “writerly” people. I lost a lot of friends coping with my wife’s cancer (when you’re young people don’t want to have to face/deal with things like that I guess) so the friends I have been making, well they like the same things I do, *grins*
        The few people who I talk to who don’t write/read are in my family, and I explain things to them, cause like my grams she helps me when I get stuck sometimes, even though she only reads nonfiction. So yeah, and they don’t care if they miss out on the little details. The ones in my family that read, they read as I write.


      2. I’m sorry to hear that about your wife. I’m glad you have made friends with similar interests as you. It certainly makes life much easier when you have friends around you that understand what you’re going through.
        It sounds like you have a supportive family that like to read what you write. *grins* That’s always something to be grateful for.
        Frankly, there are times I feel like what I write is too personally to share, even with my family members.


      3. I really find that writing is one of the most personal things you can ever do. But, I don’t know, I am pretty much open about my life. Mostly cause, well… if something I have been through, ect is helpful to another, it really makes anything worth it! And yeah, my family has some pretty serious foibles, but some of them I really wouldn’t trade for a “normal” family **grins**


      4. Writing is like sharing a part of yourself with the world. That can be hard from time to time. I totally agree with you on that point about helping other people out. A “normal” family would be too boring.


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