10 Things You Should Know About Writers

In no particular order or significance these are 10 quirks, traits, characteristics, idiosyncrasies…that most writers possess to some extent:

  1. Writers are often misunderstood. Even by people who are closest to them. Interestingly enough, you can probably find out more about a writer online than if you spent 100 hours talking to them over the phone. Seriously. Google them. You’ll be amazed at what you find. You’ll be more amazed at what they do not tell you but have the courage to put up on the web for practically everyone to see.
  2. Writers are usually well-educated. They are well-read. They love learning. They spend half their life in a library or a school so yes, writers are smart. Anyone who tries to undermine this will forever go down in the books as an an idiot.
  3. Writers do not usually lose in a debate. Try striking up an argument with a writer one day and you will soon see what I mean.
  4. Writers like using big words. Writers tend to be sesquipedalian. So if you are hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobic, stay away from those who label themselves as writers. You can thank me later.  
  5. Writers are honest. Get a writer to edit your work and then you will know how brutally honest a writer can get. Unless, of course, they care about your feelings. In that case, writers can be great liars as well.
  6. Writers hone in to every aspect or person of interest in their surroundings. Aside from being observant and perceptive, writers know a great deal about many interesting people in their lives. So don’t be afraid when a writer tells you they know your favourite colour is blue, your birthday is in April, and you aspire to be a CEO even though you have never told them any of those things. Of course, writers may know your exact address too, but you are better off not knowing that.
  7. Writers may be called shy or introverted but really they are constantly thinking. Sure writers will nod or smile at you when you are recounting your day to show they are paying attention but in their mind, all they can think about is their writing. And when writers think about writing or are writing, they like silence. Quiet time. To be alone. So let them be. They will appreciate you for it.
  8. Writers are not greedy. If all writers wanted was money, they would not be writing. Thankfully, about 99 percent of writers out there have no money. Or very little. Writers pour their heart and soul into their writing but get paid next to nothing. That is not a sign of greed, it is a sign of generosity.  
  9. Writers like being busy. They have a hectic schedule most of the time especially with upcoming deadlines to meet, old projects to finish, and everything else a writer is committed to doing every day (i.e. reading and writing).
  10. Writers are not lazy. They spend their time cuddling with cats in their pajamas, drinking coffee to stay awake, but they are working, writing, reading, blogging, researching, editing, formatting, rewriting, etc. A lazy person would not be doing any of these. Writing is labour. Mental labour. Hey, the quickest way to offend a writer is to call them lazy. Don’t say I never told you so.     

12 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Know About Writers

    1. Thank you Daniel!
      Yes, do show your wife #10 and prove to her writers are far from the most laziest human beings on this planet. It would be nice for our loved ones to understand the writers they live with. *grins*


  1. When you combine #3 and #7, I can’t even imagine what most people think of me in real life.

    “Holy crow, that girl hasn’t said anything for three hours then she just launched into a tirade in the middle of a debate and sent both sides packing with tails between their legs!”

    I’m really bad at playing devil’s advocate, so I probably freak people out… when I do talk.


    1. Yes! Writers will only speak up when they have something meaningful to say. I guess that is why people are taken aback when we suddenly speak our mind after three hours of thinking and contemplating.

      It is so great when that happens. Winning a debate isn’t everything but proving our point certainly is.


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