10 Things You Should Know About Bloggers

This is a spin-off of 10 Things You Should Know About Writers.

  1. Bloggers have tough skin. There may be many people that will like what a blogger has to say nevertheless, do not forget there will also be people that hate it. People seem to be more verbal and rude online but that is okay. That is the Internet. And most bloggers took an oath that went something like, “I vow to never let anyone get under my skin. I do not care what anyone else says. I will continue to blog despite what the haters think.”    
  2. Bloggers are not afraid of hard work. Nor are they lazy. In fact, bloggers and writers are the first groups of people to embrace hard work like a cup of hot chocolate after three hours outside shoveling snow in Canada.
  3. Bloggers are patient individuals. If blogging was so easy, everyone would be doing it. If making a successful blog required no effort at all, then having a successful blog would not have as much value anymore. Good things come to those who wait. And bloggers wait and wait and wait.
  4. Bloggers are creative. Duh. Since creativity is such a vague term let’s break it down. Bloggers are creative people. Creative people=creative ideas=creative solutions to annoying problems.
  5. Bloggers keep irregular schedules. Like extremely irregular. One day they have all the time in the world to relax, the next day they are writing five articles, fact-checking four of them, revising three drafts, researching for two posts, and scraping all but one of them.
  6. Bloggers value their privacy. Bloggers cannot blog with people hovering over their shoulders reading everything they write. That’s as much invasion of privacy as watching someone shower. Respect bloggers and they will respect you back.
  7. Bloggers want more time to blog. Heck, everyone these days would like more time. The difference is bloggers crave time to blog. Certainly, every article they write would be better, stronger, funnier.
  8. Bloggers will get cranky if you bother them. Shall I state the obvious? Do not bother a blogger when they are blogging. It only leads to frustration, irritation, annoyance, crankiness, aggravation, and an infuriated individual. Don’t go there.
  9. Bloggers do more than just blog. Can you believe it? Yes, bloggers read other blogs, comment on other people’s posts, customize the layout of their blog, write every day, revise constantly, seek perfection, and frankly, all bloggers have a life. They may have kids to take care of, a mortgage to pay, two jobs they work, the list goes on. They want to live their life as much as anyone else in this world.
  10. Bloggers cannot do this on their own. Blogging is not a one-man show or a one-person army. Successful bloggers know they must cultivate mutual relationships with other bloggers in order to be successful. So help them out, lend a hand. Support a blogger or writer and they will not forget you until the day they die.

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