Creative Writing

Pause and Reflect

Give me time

I demand

Hit the button

Freeze again

I need time to collect my thoughts

To get myself together

All composed with no doubts

For that I ask of one simple please

A plead if you must

Just give it to me

For now I pause

In the depths of despair

Time transcends all I know

It’s the experience that shows the gems

The brilliance radiates from the ideas

Filling up the well

Then I must pour it out


I run and walk

In the woods

In the halls

It gives me peace of mind

The water gushes from the fountain

I hear many sounds

Yet I hear nothing at all

I can smell the fire

Inside of me

No that doesn’t mean I am crazy

The light guides me through

The passage is too narrow

But I manage to make it through

I sit in a chair

Where I can reflect

On my past

While living in the present

I can discuss my future

Even though the comings are dreams

Dreams I have where all becomes clear


That is how I live

By having a pause

Once in a while

To quietly meditate

And lastly reflect

On all I have that is not vile


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