Disadvantages Of Being A Writer

With every venture, endevaour, or dream one embarks on…lies a harsh reality one must face someday.

Today, Aspirignwriter22 aspires to bring you the DISADVANTAGES of being a writer, sadly.

Yes, writing is a great hobby and passion for many. Please do not allow me to discourage you from doing what you love to do. That is not my intention nor is it the point of this article. I merely want to inform you, whether you are a writer or not, about 6 unfortunate consequences or problems writers eventually confront head on.

With every choice comes multiple disadvantages, drawbacks, difficulties…

On a more positive note:

Advantages Of Being A Writer

Guy With No Money And Empty Pockets

  1. Writers don’t get holidays. That’s right. They write every day. Well, the ones who want it badly enough, do.
  2. They don’t have many friends. Hey it is true, writers spend most of their time at home…not outside partying.
  3. Completing a writing project takes time. Try writing a novel in 5 minutes or even 5 days. You can’t do it.Time On The Clock
  4. You don’t get paid enough for it. If you are on of those writers that can make a living out of it, congratulations. As for the rest of us…keep your day job and keep on writing.
  5. Ahem, the writing industry is a battlefield and you are a lone soldier on it. The competition is out of this world. In most cases, every writer out there wants the same thing you want: publication, royalties, status, etc.
  6. The oh-so-common-mostly-bitter-rejection-slip. Enough said.

    Crumpled Piece of Paper

7 thoughts on “Disadvantages Of Being A Writer

  1. Well I agree to some of your mentioned disadvantages. However, being a freelance writer saves from a lot of problems:D Manage work and other activities at your own pace!
    I am a writer myself.
    Visit attyguideblog.wordpress.com


    1. That’s great! Although I assume you have deadlines to meet from time to time, which may put more pressure on you to quicken your pace? Whatever the case, the pros associated with being a writer usually outweigh the cons.


  2. A writer suffers from the curse of creativity. Contrary to most, Creativity is NOT a gift. It is a burden and a curse and those who really are creative know this to be true, even if they are the only ones who find their work appealing. Even if you have a profitable outlet for your creativity, that does not remove the element of aggravation that artists and authors face, nor does it remove the resentment people will have for you…successful or not.


    1. Yeah, being a writer isn’t easy. It’s tough to balance everything. I know what you mean. Making money as an artist can solve some problems but create others. Kudos to all the authors out there.


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