5 Things Writers Need To Do—Every Day

A list of five things I think every writer needs to or should try to do every day. But whether or not you take me up on this advice is up to you.

  1. Save religiously. In case your computer crashes or your house blows up. Or aliens attack. There is no insurance, not that I am aware of, that claim to recover lost manuscripts. And no money in the world will ever buy back your time, effort, and hard work.


  2. Read voraciously. You’ve heard this before a million times so I don’t get any points here for originality but if you are one of those people that don’t read…then I am at an utter loss for words.
  3. Write fiercely. You’re a writer. It’s your job to write. It’s also your job to find time to write. 
  4. Observe graciously. There’s a happy balance between full out stalker and causal observer. Observe people with grace. Or at least do it clandestinely. (Like me.)
  5. Ask curiously. Writers are curious creatures. We can’t help it. And like my science teacher once said, “Question Everything.”

So continue to save, read, write, observe, and ask questions. The person that benefits the most will ultimately be YOU.

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