Writing Prompt: Preferred Method Of Murder

Since some of you are die hard writers/novelists I am sure sometime in your life you will or already have written a scene which involves murdering one of your characters.

So the prompt for today is:

What is your preferred method of murder?

Crime Scene

4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Preferred Method Of Murder

  1. I like to go with stabbings. They’re not as common as one thinks and the investigation can be interesting. A stabbing is often said to be more personal. And of course the crime scenes can be fun to write.


    1. Stabbings. They are really interesting to read, that’s for sure. Writing about a stabbing can seem gruesome but I agree that crime scenes are quite fun to write. We can release our inner sadist. I think the problem I encounter is making everything believable. For me I think a murder more than anything else is hard to pull off.


      1. I imagine it truly is. I think it’s important to deliver other narrative forces that make that murder more believable. There’s plenty of reasons why someone would want to kill another person. Often, those reasons are cliche and don’t happen as much as we think.

        Even a simple stabbing has the power to be much more complex. Where did it happen? Why did it happen? I get caught up in these questions while writing.


      2. That is so true: many reasons are cliche and don’t happen so often. Finding a strong, believable motive is difficult and executing a truly brilliant murder is extremely intricate and complex.

        I agree. There are so many questions that a writer must ask themselves in order to pull off a murder. Is the murder an accident? Is this murder premeditated? And readers often sought out the answers to all these questions.


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