5 Habits Of Remarkably Successful Writers

The most successful authors are different but similar in many ways. These are some habits most writers and successful people in all walks of life have in common.

Good Habits vs Bad Habits

  1. They aren’t afraid of work. Keep working hard, keep learning from your mistakes, and never be afraid of falling short. No doubt by going down the road to become an author you are expecting a hard life ahead of you. Successful authors work their proverbial butts off to meet deadlines, to write everyday, to go to book launches, all the while fulfilling daily commitments in their everyday lives. If for some reason you have an aversion towards work, this career isn’t for you.
  2. They do the work. You must put in the work, time, labour, and effort no one else will in order to succeed. It takes an incredible and insane amount of work to be a great writer. There are no shortcuts in writing. There are no quick fixes. There is no easy path to take to become successful. Just remember that the most successful people tend to work the hardest.
  3. They do things differently. Don’t copy what everyone else is doing or stick to the norm because it is the norm. Fashion has trends, same goes with writing. That doesn’t mean you should follow every trend out there. Sure, from time to time you might but please, for the most part, try to think outside of the box. Go a little crazy and experiment. Hopping on the bandwagon, joining the crowd, and following the latest trends usually lead to creating mediocre stuff. Besides, who wants to read something that’s been done a million times before?
  4. They never stop. If they did, their ideas wouldn’t have come to fruition. Persist even in times when those around you have given up. Keep hacking at your manuscripts, your books, your stories…day after day after day. Remember the little things add up to a whole lot by the end. Just because you win one race doesn’t mean you stop running in all the other races. Great, you published one book…now go publish another! Congratulations on achieving one goal but what about all the other goals you have yet to attain? There is no finish line in sight. Once you cross one finish line you need to keep going in order to cross all the other ones.
  5. They never get too proud. Hopefully you know that there are people out there who are better than you. Despite how good you think you are, you can always improve. You must continue to improve. Don’t get too proud. Don’t rest on your laurels. Even though saying sorry is hard, there are times where you might have to apologize. Admit that you aren’t perfect. Accept the fact that you will make mistakes. Keep dreaming but be ready to fail too.

Hopefully you will learn from the best and adopt these habits even if you do it one at a time.

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