10 Commandments For Dating A Writer

Do you think dating a writer would be cool? Would you ever want the pleasure of telling the whole world, “Hey, I’m dating a writer!” Wouldn’t it be impressive if you brought a writer home to your mom? Now before you jump off that deadly cliff and plunge into the world of dating writer, there are a few things you might want to know.

See, the problem is everyone thinks writers fall into one of two categories: the smart, funny, hardworking nerd or the lazy, unemployed, crazy psycho. Most people assume we fall into the latter category by the way. Truth be told, we really aren’t that bad. If you want a relationship with a writer, and I mean a real, sustainable relationship, not a one night stand or a one time fling—it might help to have a a way to navigate this unknown terrain. Your writer lover will be forever happy at best. Or you’ll see yourself murdered in a book at worst. Either way, the writer and you will both benefit from this relationship, right?

Below are the Ten Commandments for dating a writer. These are the rules. Your homework: memorize and follow them accordingly.

  1. Don’t Google us.
  2. Don’t read anything we write.
  3. Don’t offer to edit our work for us.
  4. Don’t rely on us to pay for anything important.
  5. Don’t be mad when we abandon you for writing.
  6. Don’t bother us when we are writing.
  7. Don’t call us every minute of every hour of every day.
  8. Don’t start an argument with us.
  9. Don’t question our dramatics.
  10. Don’t ever hurt our baby/babies (read: our manuscripts). 

The above is better explained by clicking the link below:

Disadvantages And Downfalls To Dating A Writer

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