25 Writing Tips For Writers, Editors, and Authors (Part 2)

As I promised, 25 days has passed since the first 25 Writing Tips For Writers, Editors, and Authors so I am back with another post including 25 more writing tips. Once again, you can find one of these a day on my Facebook and Twitter but I’ve complied them all at one place for convenience or out of sheer laziness.

If you haven’t clicked the link above: below are my first 25 writing tips followed by 25 more.

  1. Fall in love with reading first. Then fall in love with writing next.
  2. Learn the rules of good writing before you break them.
  3. Perfect the art of imperfection.
  4. What is obvious to you may not necessarily be obvious to your audience.
  5. Writing starts with one person: you.
  6. Do: be specific. Do not: be vague.
  7. Every line in your story must be there for a reason. If there isn’t, get rid of it.
  8. To avoid confusion, avoid jargon.
  9. Avoid starting a sentence with a numeral.
  10. Before you become a full-fledged writer, you must first stop making excuses.
  11. Your writing can constantly be improved upon. You just have to look hard enough and actually want to improve your writing.
  12. Know your characters inside and out.
  13. Care about your characters. If you do not care, how do you expect anyone else to?
  14. Write when you are the most alert.
  15. Writing is about consistency. The more consistent, the better.
  16. Simplify, shorten, and streamline.
  17. Write what you know but write what you don’t know too.
  18. Write and read but above all, stay human.
  19. If it works, keep it. If it doesn’t, kill it.
  20. Always seek feedback.
  21. Don’t write like anyone else but yourself.
  22. The beautiful thing about writing is you don’t need to get it right the first time.
  23. Make your writing great despite how long it takes.
  24. Some decisions may be based more on style instead of grammatical correctness.
  25. Do not worry about quality on the first draft.
  1. Bad writing demands good proofreading.
  2. Dull characters get duller on paper.
  3. If you make a point, stand behind it completely.
  4. Never get too emotionally attached to anything because you might end up deleting it.
  5. Time allotted and money permitted, take a writing class.
  6. Write because you have to write or don’t write at all.
  7. You can always go back and edit a badly written page, but you can’t edit a blank page.
  8. Always try to read your work with a fresh pair of eyes.
  9. When it doubt, always cut it out.
  10. Don’t preach to your readers. Your story should not sound like a lecture.
  11. Be proud of your work but not too proud.
  12. If someone misunderstands your message, fix it.
  13. Writing is easier when you love the work not the awards or rewards.
  14. Writing is a long term investment. The longer you invest, the more you are rewarded.
  15. Editing someone else’s work is always much easier than editing your own.
  16. Any idea, however great it may be, is useless if not written down.
  17. You have to love writing and remind yourself often that you do.
  18. Write the book you yourself would want to read.
  19. Writing is one part exhausting but two parts exciting.
  20. If you truly love writing, you will make time for it no matter how busy your schedule is.
  21. Everything you write makes you a better writer.
  22. No work should ever go to waste.
  23. Write every day even if you don’t write much.
  24. Published writers did not do one thing: quit.
  25. Becoming a writer is easy. Being a writer is hard.

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7 thoughts on “25 Writing Tips For Writers, Editors, and Authors (Part 2)

  1. “Becoming a writer is easy. Being a writer is hard.” – I realized this not too long ago. I’ve finally decided that I have to do what it is I need/love to do and stop slacking. This is a just another reminder.


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