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Must Have School Supplies For Every Writer And Student

With summer winding down, most of us are starting school soon. Perhaps, some of you already started school. For those of us who like waiting until the last minute have you purchased everything you or your children need yet? Probably not. Fear not, you still have some time.

Although budgeting for school supplies may be a tough challenge, you don’t have to break the bank in order to find a few great looking items that are durable and functional all at the same time.

For those writers who are also students, shopping for school supplies may also disguise purchasing items you secretly need to further your writing career. Don’t worry however, I won’t tell anyone your secret.

A fun, little twist on the traditional back to school supplies list.

  • Calculator. Writers may be good with words but numbers are a different story. So this bad boy is necessary to calculate how much you don’t make. Also, useful when contemplating how much you need to earn in order to live a lavish, luxurious life as a writer or as a student. (Only a dollar at Wal-Mart.)


  • Electronic dictionary. Because even though you are a writer, you don’t always know every word in the English language despite what your friends may think. Makes for a great gift to those who can’t seem to stop asking you, “how do you spell X?” or “what’s another word for Y?” Now you don’t need to tell them to sound it out or use their brain because they can have the handy, dandy tool in front of them. (I won this for free but I believe it retails for $100. Don’t quote me on that though.)
    Electronic Dictionary
  • Notebooks. A student’s friend but a writer’s best friend. Not just for the occasion notes you take in class but for doodling funny pictures of people, conjuring up stories, and documenting the actions of that guy or girl sitting a few rows in front of you. It’s not stalking, it’s researching. Don’t get caught by your friends because trying to explain your behaviour to any non-writer is nearly impossible. They won’t understand. (The red and purple notebooks go for a dollar at Staples while the cute songbird journal can be purchased at Chapters for $4.50.)
  • USB/flash drive. This is crucial to store and easily transport your most embarrassing pictures, horrendously written stories, and questionable song choices—I mean, homework. (Prices vary depending on storage space but a 4 GB flash drive can cost about five dollars at Staples.)USB

Note: all prices may have changed since my purchase of these items and/or will vary depending on your location. I live in the beautiful country of Canada in case you were wondering.

Students, parents, and writers—enjoy your back to school shopping this year! Remember you don’t need to drain your wallet to find beautiful, long-lasting, and practical items for school or even work.

2 thoughts on “Must Have School Supplies For Every Writer And Student

  1. I love my pens and notebooks…I am drawn to them in every store I go to, even though I have a huge supply at home, I just keep drifting towards them. I love the feel and fresh smell of a new journal, with clean blank pages just waiting to be filled.


    1. I know exactly how you feel. I have huge stashes of everything I ever need at home but I can’t help but buy more. I guess it’s a writer thing? This might sound embarrassing but I have the biggest obsession with notebooks for that very reason. The blank pages seem to beckon to me to fill them with words.


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