10 Things Writers Can Learn From Arrogant People

For some reason, I always seem to cross paths with downright arrogant people. Instead of taking this as a negative experience, I’ve turned it into a positive. Rather than focusing on any or many negative aspects of someone I meet, I focus on what I can learn (good or bad) from these individuals. In particular, cocky and conceited individuals. What can I say? My life is my research. A writer’s job is to keep on learning, observing, and evolving.

Disclaimer: No harm is intended. This is merely for entertainment. The post below is based on an arrogant, condescending individual who is a self-proclaimed narcissist himself. The views expressed on aspiringwriter22 by Herminia Chow are solely those of the author. Thank you for understanding.

Back to business. Oh, the many things writers can learn from arrogant people.

  1. Be able and willing to pull off a perfect trademark smirk anytime, anywhere. So when anyone scoffs at your profession, you can offer them a smirk in return while in your head, you plan on how to exact cruel revenge without ramifications.
  2. Be thick-skinned. Insults must roll right off you or else you’ll be in tears every single time a rejection letter arrives in the mail.
  3. Be a jerk. It takes a certain type of person with a certain amount of ego to be able to succeed in the writing business.
  4. Be confident in themselves. Believe in your dreams, in your work, and ultimately in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Cliche? Yes. True? Yes.
  5. Have big dreams and crazy but realistic goals. Nothing is impossible. Nothing can’t be achieved. Set goals, follow your dreams, and go after what you want.   
  6. Make things happen however small they may be. Little publications add up. Little achievements build your credibility. Eventually, you’ll have enough experience and enough knowledge to run the world. Well, in any case the writing world.
  7. Don’t give a damn about what others say or think. Focus all that attention to your work instead. You’ll be a much happier writer if you stopped worrying about everyone else and started worrying about yourself.
  8. Brush rejection off. Think of it as their loss they rejected you. Just move on.
  9. Build an empire and a loyal following. Or at least try to.
  10. Use social media to broadcast and promote themselves. You need to get your name out there. Just don’t come off sounding condescending while you do it.

To quote an egotistical, vain young man I’ve had the pleasure of meeting:

“I hate it when people call me condescending. Like honestly, is it my fault you’re inferior to me?”

Maybe, because you are condescending? Perhaps I am wrong by default.

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