Disadvantages And Downfalls To Dating A Writer

  1. We will write about anyone and this includes you. Hey, that’s a compliment. You’re interesting enough for us to write about. And you’re helping us earn some money at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.  
  2. We talk to ourselves. You could be listening to the next best-seller. So nod, pretend you’re listening, and for crying out loud don’t walk away from us with that confused yet cold stare across your face.
  3. We leave our things everywhere. Don’t freak out when you see papers scattered all around the house when your significant other is working on a novel.   
  4. Writers live off Ramen noodles and tap water. Sorry if our taste palate isn’t fully developed yet. We will pass on the caviar thank you very much.
  5. Writers hoard everything. If you move anything from its original location, we will know. If you throw away anything of ours (i.e. our poems, stories, novels), all hell will break loose.
  6. Writers like to correct other people’s grammar and spelling. By no means are we insulting you, we are helping you.
  7. Our space and privacy is important. Please don’t look at what we do online or you might be inclined to call the police.
  8. Our gifts are usually mini-novels written on cards. Most of us are broke. Some of us enjoying saving for other important purchases like books. But all writers enjoy writing so any chance we get to write something, we will.
  9. Our calling (writing) comes first. Meaning writing comes before you. Don’t be jealous we spend more time writing than cuddling with you.
  10. You must support us. Or we’ll leave you. Don’t give your writer flowers or chocolate. Give our blogs a read, our manuscripts a revision, our books a review. If not, you really don’t love us. 

The above might explain the below:

Ten Commandments For Dating A Writer

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