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Brilliant Idea: Virtual School Diary?

I’ve come up with a brilliant idea. Yes, I come up with plenty of ideas. No, not all of them are brilliant. Yet I think this one is going to be amazingly successful.

Some back story first to shed light on why I think my idea will be effective.

I’ve always wanted to keep a diary of some sort but I never could. Strange but true. After trying many times and failing all those times to keep at it consistently, this might be the perfect solution to solve my commitment problems or should I say my lack of commitment problems.

For the next 194 days (according to Ontario’s Ministry of Education), I’ll be writing and posting about my adventures (sounds more exciting than experiences, no?) at school. Never fear, I won’t overload my blog with my school experiences (see it doesn’t sound the same as adventures), to the point where I stop posting about writing. Rather I’ll have this virtual diary posted on my Facebook. Check it out if you like, give the page a like if you wouldn’t mind reading about my life at school, and/or comment on a post if something piques your interest.

This way, I’ll commit to my journal writing every day for the next 194 days school days because I’m being held accountable to some extent. I’ll have you, my readers, keeping me on track. At the very least, I’ll feel like I will disappoint if I do not succeed. This has worked so far for my blog as I managed to post every single day for the past five months. Surely, I can keep an online diary for the next ten months.

If this fails, (bear in mind my species—writers—detest the bitter taste of failure) I have no other grand ideas in mind. Perhaps, someone out there has a suggestion?

Were you able to keep a journal for an extended period of time? What worked for you? What didn’t?

Will I be able to keep a school journal from September to June?

You’ll have to stop by and see.

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