What Are Your Goals For This School Year?

An often understated and underused feature of WordPress. This is my second time embedding a poll into a post, my first pertaining to starting a Twitter account.
Because I am a curious creature (aren’t all writers curious?), I wanted to poll some of you who are going back to school. If you aren’t, perhaps you can ask your children what their goals are for this school year. If you aren’t going to school or have any children that do, maybe you could think about the times you were in school and what your goals were like back then.
Maybe instill some sense into yourself based on your answer. I’m kidding. Feel free to answer. I’m not coercing anyone to participate by any means nor are you obliged to.
If you’re interested in my goals, read ahead.
School is underway. Insert parents saying yay and many students saying nay. It will be a brand new year packed with surprises.
The start of grade 11 (for me) is looming ahead and everything will be a lot different this year.
These are the things I want to happen:
  • Be nicer to everyone. Frankly I don’t do that enough.
  • Get some nice grades I can brag about. Maybe I do this too much?
  • Walk around more confident. I’m a senior now.
  • Do something memorable. Not anything dangerous, stupid, or dangerously stupid but something worth remembering five years from now.
  • Totally ace my math course. That’s just how I roll.
  • Get more active. That can’t be too hard considering I have dance, fitness, and yoga classes this year.
  • Find a new hobby. Considering what I do already, I may just stick to experiencing activities of interest.
  • Push my body to the limit. Let’s break my personal push up record. Aiming to do at least 55 or more sometime this year.
  • Throw around some gargantuan words that will confuse everyone. Ha, that will get them good. Show them not to mess with writers.
  • Last but not least, make it to grade 12 scratch free. Meaning not fail a course or a few, not get suspended or expelled…you get the picture.

Speak your mind!

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