I Want To Write

“What do you want to do?”

Such a simple question. Yet the answer is much more complex.

“I want to write.”

The straightforward reason is I love writing. But what keeps me going? What keeps me from giving up?

Loving writing is important.

But what happens if or when you don’t love it anymore? After a while you may end up hating something you once loved.

Although I love writing and I know in my core it is the one and only thing I need in my life, I want to write because I feel like I have a story to tell. If I didn’t write…my voice, my story would go unheard. Words on paper always have a stronger impact and influence than words spoken aloud. Perhaps, the words last longer since the words are on the page—imprinted there forever unless you burn the piece of paper of course, which I highly don’t recommend.

Furthermore, I want to write because I’ve seen writing help different people from all walks of life in various ways. Knowing that even one person in this world reads what I say and is affected by my words have a certain empowerment factor to it. That’s not all: when I am writing I am free from burdens of my past, free from distractions in the present, and free from doubts about my future.

So in many ways, my wanting to write cannot be summed up easily. Has this post made my answer more complicated? I hope not.

3 thoughts on “I Want To Write

  1. I can identify with the doubt you’re experiencing.

    I am 27 now, but throughout my entire life I’d wondered what I might want to do as a career. The answer always should have been evident, but I never really had the guts to admit that writing is the ONE unending passion I have. I love it. Everything from free-form expression to the architectural editing and rewrites. The process is just so incredibly FUN for me.

    So if you feel the same, go for it. Attack it. Get your hands dirty (so to speak). And keep going til you don’t love it anymore. Its ok not to have your entire career mapped out, as long as you love the things you’re doing in the moment.

    Good post! I hope your journey takes you far!


    1. I feel as if I was more confident when I was eight than now at sixteen about what I want to do with my life.

      However, I am glad to hear writing is your one unending passion. I love it too. As fun as writing is being a writer brings new challenges every day. Aside from that, writing never gets boring. Each day something new happens. When I write or reread what I write—I have new perspectives, various ideas, and different outlooks each time.

      It is days like today where I need advice and encouragement from people who have been there before and experience what I am going through so thank you for taking the time to comment.

      I love writing with all my heart. Your words reassure me that I’m on the right track. I will hold on. Years from now, I hope I haven’t let go.

      Your comment has really made my day. Thank you so so much. Best of luck to you.


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