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Grandparents Day Poem

I admit I forgot all about it.

Grandparents Day was yesterday, September 8th, 2013. I planned this post in advance (actually, a few weeks prior back in August) and when yesterday rolled around, my mind completely shut down.

As I write this, I am shaking my head. I had even written this in the calendar above my computer monitor and scribbled a reminder in a tiny notebook where I keep all my blog ideas. So much for planning in advance.

So happy belated grandparents day! 

Is it too late to say thank you to our grandparents who gave birth to our parents who in turn gave birth to us? I hope not. Otherwise, you and me wouldn’t be on this earth living and breathing at this very moment.

Sorry…grandma and grandpa. I’ll make it up to you with a poem. (I’m broke remember?)

For everything you have done for me

All the things I ever wanted came for free

When I ask you’re always there to answer

Thanks for supporting my dreams to become a dancer


What I say never goes unheard

It seems as if you listen to every word

Still, I laugh so hard my sides hurt

I’m still surprised you’re so alert


I hope you know I will always love

How both of you constantly put me above

Thank you for being the best grandparents a girl could ask for

I couldn’t have asked God for more

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