5 Perks To Dating A Writer

I did the Disadvantages And Downfalls To Dating A Writer a while back but for some reason I never got around to doing the perks.

  1. Writers love to write and edit so they will gladly help you with any of the two. It always helps to have someone who’s knowledgeable and competent to edit or proofread. Their grasp of grammar, sentence structure, and syntax will probably be more developed than yours unless of course, you’re a writer too. Ask them to do edit your work too often though and they will gladly dump you. Remember they have a life as much as you.  
  2. Writers are intelligent and can hold their own in any conversation. Trust me on this one. We may be quiet for two hours but if you get us started on a topic we are passionate about, we won’t be so quiet any more. Besides you’ll likely learn a fact or two, catch on to some new vocabulary words, and be more appreciative of the small things in the world by being around us.
  3. Writers are generally not greedy. First, writers don’t write for the money. Heck, we don’t write for the fame or fortune, we do this because we love it. So no matter who you are, what you do, or how much you earn…we don’t care.
  4. Writers have flexible schedules. Call a writer up whenever you like as long as they aren’t in the process of writing.   
  5. Writers are far from clingy. Maybe our love for solitude is a bad thing? Our heart belongs to writing. Our novels are our babies. Almost nothing stands in our way when it comes to writing. We thrive when we’re alone. In other words, we understand you need your personal space just make sure you give us room to breathe too?

I know I have ten disadvantages/downfalls and only five perks. But really if you’re going to date a writer regardless, you will see all the perks for yourself.

4 thoughts on “5 Perks To Dating A Writer

  1. The caveat, of course, is that writers are also very imaginative and can be crazy at times. They can also be contradictory and changeable, like any artist eccentric and/or flaky. So expect a writer to also be the opposite of all of these great qualities sometimes.


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