25 Writing Tips For Writers, Editors, and Authors (Part 4)

25 writing tips complied together from my  Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Make up rules as you go. But don’t make them too rigid that you can’t break them if need be.
  2. The perfect novel should reflect who you are and who you want to become.
  3. Don’t suppress your most painful memories. Relive them.
  4. Write about everything that has ever affected you in a way that will affect somebody else.
  5. When it comes to writing, ignorance is not bliss. The more you know, the better you can become.
  6. Exaggerate everything. Only then will your story be interesting.
  7. Chase your dreams. You’ll never know where they’ll lead you if you don’t.
  8. If you write consistently, you’re a writer. It’s as simple as that.
  9. Never use too many words. It’s just as bad as not using enough words to get your point across.
  10. Forget bliss. Writing is one part pain and two parts frustration.
  11. Grammar isn’t a set of rules made to inflict torture. Grammar was made to simplify the English language.
  12. If you are not easily distracted, you already have an advantage over most writers.
  13. Writers and readers are sadists. Writers inflict pain on characters. Readers enjoy the agony.
  14. Write as much as you can, whenever you are able to. But try to write when you are most productive.
  15. Relying on spell check leads to doom.
  16. Having a strong ending is as important as having a strong beginning.
  17. Writers: you aren’t not paid by the word. So stop using unnecessary words.
  18. Omit until every word serves a purpose.
  19. Choose a style you like, and stick to it.
  20. If you care about your credibility, avoid distracting your readers.
  21. Give yourself permission to suck. Accept it.
  22. Creativity must be demonstrated not stated.
  23. Develop an attitude of deep skepticism about every word you write or say.
  24. Write through feelings of fear and doubt.
  25. People telling you that you aren’t good enough will keep you hungry.

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