September Is Nearly Over, October Is About To Begin, And November Is Not Far Ahead

I’ve come to the realization that September is almost over. This beautiful moment of revelation gives me a tiny heart attack. October, second to November, is one heck of a busy month for writers who wish to participate in NaNoWriMo. You know that planning, outlining, researching phase that seems to be a waste of time but makes your life a whole lot easier down the road? Then again, maybe you’re one of those writers who like to wait until November before working on your novel. Regardless of what kind of writer you are, whether you let your characters do whatever they want or you know every detail of every character beforehand because you’re that meticulous, October is a crucial month all the same.

In past years, I never saw the importance of October, therefore; November became somewhat of a nightmare. I would wait until the first day of November before I plunged into the sometimes deadly sea of novel writing among other endeavors I could have taken care of in the weeks prior had I used the gray matter between my ears. Thinking about an idea is one thing. Crafting an idea one can actually write about is another.

Let us all learn from the inexperienced Herminia Chow. Use October wisely. Make the best use of your time. Clean the house until no speck of dust is in sight, organize your desk by shuffling all your papers around, buy a month’s supply of coffee and chocolate, anything. So that come November your butt will be in the chair—writing the next best-seller.

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