What Bloggers Can Learn From Newspapers

My daily reading of several newspapers sparked this idea.

Newspapers have short paragraphs.

How many times have you seen an article in the paper that is one big chunk of text without breaks or sections?

There is a combination of copy and images.

How enjoyable would it be to read a newspaper without pictures, diagrams, charts?

Attention grabbing headlines hook the readers.

How many times have you read a piece after scanning the headlines?

With that being said, blogs should follow the format found in newspapers with many short paragraphs, visuals on occasion, and interesting titles.

4 thoughts on “What Bloggers Can Learn From Newspapers

  1. Newspapers are great for bloggers! I like to get ideas for posts and short stories from newspapers also. The best part, newspaper articles are short and you can identify what you need right from the headlines. Great post!


    1. I agree. Newspapers can teach bloggers many different aspects related to blogging. I love scanning through the newspaper even if I don’t exactly read everything. What’s more newspapers offer an endless amount of ideas. It’s short, sweet, to the point and is a source of inspiration like you said.


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