22 Reasons You Should Not Participate In NaNoWriMo

I just had to. It’s only fair I weigh the pros and cons equally.

Have you read 22 Reasons You Should Participate in NaNoWriMo?

22 reasons. NaNoWriMo talk. In a list format. All things I love.

  1. You might hate it (you’re entitled to your own opinion).
  2. It’s not for everybody (so by all means, work at your own pace).
  3. It is work (which many people shy away from).
  4. It is a time consuming activity (allotting an hour or more a day to writing).
  5. It requires sacrifices (are you willing to give up TV, friends, sports, etc.?)
  6. It produces crappy first drafts (unless you’re not human).
  7. It is fast-paced (30 days is not much time to write a novel).
  8. It can affect your sleep patterns (on different levels).
  9. It rushes you (especially during the final stretch).
  10. It doesn’t give you much room to breathe (if you make writing a priority).
  11. It can make you grumpy (I’m warning you).
  12. It may destroy your confidence levels (ouch).
  13. It could make you doubt yourself (on multiple occasions).
  14. It doesn’t allow for extensive editing (unless you’re a machine).
  15. It is not easy (ask anybody who has tried it).
  16. It is daunting (writing 50,000 words sounds like a walk in the park, right?)
  17. It can seriously damage your relationships (don’t let that happen).
  18. It will put other things on hold (walking the dog? feeding yourself?).
  19. It adds unnecessary stress (something everyone wants more of, am I correct?).
  20. It hurts everything (your brain, hands, wrists, neck, you name it).
  21. It may not feel all that amazing to you (everyone’s different).

11 thoughts on “22 Reasons You Should Not Participate In NaNoWriMo

  1. I like how you did this. It certainly makes sense to weigh the pros and cons; especially so we can warn the people who may be on the fence of participating this year or not. They can decide whether to do NaNo or not based on how scared they get reading this list! 🙂


    1. Thanks Rachel. I was hoping people would be able to make a more informed decision after reading the two posts. I know it isn’t for everyone but it’s a worth a shot considering there are major rewards both during and after the process. Then again, for every benefit for participating there is a drawback too.


      1. It’s true–it’s not for everyone. My boyfriend does such an excellent job putting up with me when I write and listening to my rants on plots and characters and such. However, he always claimed he’s not “creative” so he never wanted to try it himself. But he had a dream one night and decided to peace it together in a novel. He’s been (very slowly) writing a novel. I’m excited because it gives us more things to talk about and by talking to him about it I feel like an expert on writing (lol).

        I asked him (countless times) to try NaNo this year, but he wouldn’t budge. I’ve accepted that, but I do hope that one year (even if it’s 20 years from now) he will give a go and really understand why I love it so much.


      2. First off, I’m excited to hear that you love NaNo.

        It’s great you have a supportive boyfriend who is in your corner, listening and allowing you to follow your dreams! Also great to hear is that he is attempting to write a novel (slowly but surely). Not many people do…so that in and of itself is an accomplishment all on its own.

        If he does decide to give NaNoWriMo a try, at least he has someone who knows the ropes and will guide him along the way. 🙂

        Maybe your boyfriend could modify NaNo to accommodate his schedule? Perhaps, a little more nagging will do the trick?

        Regardless, tell me how everything goes.


      3. Yeah, he’s really a good guy. 🙂

        This is my third year nagging him about NaNo. The past two years he’s always flat out said, “No.” This year he said “We’ll see” then he said “No.” And on top of that he’s writing an actual novel.

        Baby steps. 😉


      4. Glad to hear that.

        Progress is always good. Baby step after baby step after baby step. Eventually, he might even agree to participate in NaNoWriMo. Imagine the day you hear him say “YES!” 🙂

        He’s trying and that is what matters. I much rather see someone try and not succeed than never try and never succeed.


      5. Of course, I’ll get over-excited and end up making him run for the hills! 😉

        But yeah, trying and failing is so much better than not trying at all.


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