30 Questions To Ask Yourself During NaNoWriMo-Day 1

On top of writing approximately 1,667 words every day, I hope to write 30 blog posts each covering 30 different questions regarding writing—in particular—novel writing.

Question #1

Are you ready?

Seriously. Are you ready to embark on this journey for 30 days? An entire month?!

What I mean is do you have some idea of what your book will be about? Do you have some plot in my mind that will span at least 50,000 words? Have you, at the very least, tried to outline a basic description of your novel? On sticky notes, in a notebook, somewhere you have access to?

Also important to think about: the tense you will write in, point of view, genre, setting, time, place, mood, voice, writing style, length, theme, etc.

So if you are ready, start writing. If you aren’t, you still have 30 days to figure out what exactly your story is about.

Good luck.

Tomorrow’s post will be on: what is your novel about?

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