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How To Cope With Stress

Unfortunately, stress is inevitable. Fortunately, there are ways to handle stress.

Let me start off by saying for every healthy way of coping, there’s an unhealthy way. Below I included 10 different techniques that I personally use to cope with stress.

Since exams are right around the corner for me, I figured writing this post will be quite beneficial to my sanity.

  • Blogging for fun.

I’ll admit: sometimes blogging adds additional stress. A few months ago, when I first started this blog, I felt like I needed to blog every day. Currently, I have started becoming a bit more lenient on my blogging schedule. Blogging is supposed to help calm you down, not agitate you further.

  • Eating right.

Eating junk food makes you feel great in the short term; however, in the long run, it just adds unnecessary negativity to your life. So be mindful of your food choices because a well-nourished body beats an under-nourished body any day. I’m not trying to nag but no matter how pressed for time you are, don’t skip breakfast.

  • Going for a walk.

Studies show that walking reduces stress and increases life expectancy. Remember 20 minutes of walking is still better than nothing. Besides, you’re probably walking more often than you even realize you do.

  • Listening to music.

Just about every teenager I know listens to music in some form, to some extent. I think I know why. Music has an uncanny ability to make even the most awful situations seem bearable.

  • Reading a good book.

Reading provides a get-a-way from the real world. And, sometimes, we all need a little vacation or two. When an actual vacation isn’t practical, curling up with a book is the best alternative.

  • Sleeping well.

The body restores and repairs itself during the night when we’re supposed to be asleep. Depriving yourself of sleep is the equivalent of torturing yourself. If you find that you are not getting enough sleep, see if caffeine or sugar is the culprit.

  • Taking a bath.

Think of something peaceful and soothing. Better yet, think of nothing at all. Your shower/bath time is yours and yours alone.

  • Talking to a friend.

Expressing your feelings to someone can be quite liberating. Try it and see if you feel better. There’s no harm in talking with a trusted friend or family member.

  • Working out.

Exercise releases endorphins, hormones that increases your happiness levels. Things like biking, dancing or swimming keeps your body fit, your mind relaxed, and your emotions stable.

  • Writing in a journal.

Well, well, well…you had to have known I’d include a writing related method to handle stress. Even though you may not be a writer yourself, that doesn’t mean you can’t write, right?

The above are things I try to do on a daily basis. Still, I can’t help but feel anxious, nervous, and uneasy. Perhaps I just don’t do them enough?

What works for you? In other words, how do you cope?

4 thoughts on “How To Cope With Stress

  1. I take time out and play with my cats. 🙂 Most the time this is initiated by one or the other of my cats. One of them has the habit of resting with his paws across the keyboard and refusing to move when I’m trying to type…his way of saying, “It’s me time.” 🙂


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