English Class Problems When You Are A Writer

When you have one day to brainstorm, write, and edit a letter/essay/assignment. 
It just doesn’t work that way.

When you have to seek out strong editors.
When you are the strongest editor. 

When you have to abide by your teacher’s guidelines and rules.
Try being creative when you are limited and restricted. 

2 thoughts on “English Class Problems When You Are A Writer

  1. You are only limited while you are in school – teachers have their own judgements and curriculums… play by their rules for now, and when you graduate, you can branch out, break restrictions and find a home for your writing.


    1. I understand that teachers need to follow curriculum. However, the limitations on your creativity can be quite frustrating at times. I guess that’s why I love writing for myself and no one else. You couldn’t have said it any better. I can’t wait until graduation 🙂


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