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Happy Valentine’s Day Poem (With Rhyme)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you have been following my blog for some time, you know most of the poetry I write on here…wait for it…rhymes. Yes, some of you out there may be cringing in your seats at this moment. Nonetheless, if you have an aversion towards poems that rhyme or rhyming in general, feel free to skip this post.

Then I guess the with rhyme in parentheses is a bit unnecessary, but it serves as a warning to those who despise rhyme as well as attracting anyone who is interested in it.

On another note, if you have read my other poems, you probably noticed I’m not huge on punctuation at all. It’s just that I’m so keen on being perfect with punctuation in everything else I write that it’s nice to disregard periods, commas, semi-colons, dashes, etc., temporarily. Poetry is where I can forget about the rules, ignore the restrictions, and break free from limitations.

Anyhow, I figured I may as well pen a poem (or two) for this special occasion (for no one in particular).

Dear future lover,

There’s so much to discover.

People say that love comes slow,

But it goes so fast and ends so low.


I hope we don’t fight

But if we do, can we make things right?

I want to stay by your side

Can you be my light and guide?


Without you I am nothing

Together we could be everything

I know one day I will say,

I love you in every way.


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