Before You Become A Blogger—A Pledge

  1. I promise to stay patient.
  2. I promise to persist despite any difficulties.
  3. I promise to persevere through tough or tumultuous times.
  4. I swear I will never take myself too seriously.
  5. I swear I will never take what anyone says personally.
  6. I swear I will never take from others without giving back mutually. 
  7. I pledge to respect myself.
  8. I pledge to respect this community.
  9. I pledge to respect the blogging industry.
  10. I vow to never make excuses about blogging (or lack thereof), for any reason, no matter how valid. 
  11. I vow to never complain about trivial matters such as likes (or lack of), followers (or lack of), re-blogs (or lack of).
  12. I vow to never stop blogging, writing, editing, revising, reading, communicating, interacting, posting, publishing, and anything that makes a blogger a blogger. 

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