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New Season, New Me; Better Weather, Better Blogger

Life’s been somewhat hectic so I haven’t really been my old witty self. Check out my earlier posts if you don’t know what I mean. Like the ones I wrote in April 2013, right when I first started blogging. Also, if I were to be completely honest, I haven’t exactly given the time I would like to give into making this blog special and incredible. I hate to admit it, but writing has almost taken a backseat in my list of priorities. However, I am working on changing less than productive habits while creating routines that are more effective in order to maximize the amount of time I blog and write. In short, I am ready to fall in love with both writing and blogging all over again, considering how much happiness both have given me. Furthermore, I am reaching a huge blogging milestone soon and I’d like to reignite my love for blogging as well as spark that flame under my belly once more to keep me from slacking.

While today is the first day of spring (woohoo!), today is also a brand new day. Although, the beginning of a new season isn’t much to be crazy about, I want this spring in particular to be special. Problem is I feel like I have let my blog and myself down so to speak. Interestingly enough, I’ve preached to anyone and everyone who will listen to never make excuses and to never blame others. (See Five More Things Writers Need To Stop Doing3 Things You Should Never Ever Do As A Writer, among other posts.) But I guess the winter weather is the true culprit in making me feel down and depressed. What I really want to say is writing in the dark, literally, is not exactly my forte. Now that spring has arrived, technically, the days will be longer and the nights will be shorter. Which means more time to focus on myself, my blog, my writing life, and of course, my happiness!

Happy first day of spring! Have a great one everyone!

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