Why Writers Never Sleep In

Today I don’t have to wake up early for school. Thanks to the OSSLT. Technically then I can sleep in. In fact, most of my friends are probably snoozing and dozing as I type this post. However, as a writer, I feel it’s in my blood to be up and at it early in the morning. Why? I hope this post will enlighten you so that you’ll understand the complexity of being a writer.

Writing when everybody is asleep is the sweetest feeling in the world. 

OK maybe not the sweetest. I stand corrected. But many of my friends and family members enjoy sleeping late. It’s too noisy at night to write. Rather, it can get too quiet in the morning. But as long as I can hear myself think, I can write.

Writers dream. And sometimes writers write about dreams. 

Hence…writers get out of bed at odd hours to record what they’ve experienced in the middle of the night.

Writing is a bigger priority than sleeping.

Devoted writers choose writing over sleeping. Extremely devoted writers choose reading over sleeping.

Writers are constantly thinking about writing.

How can one possibly sleep then?

If a writer slept more than he wrote, he would never make it in this industry.

It’s competitive. There’s competition. You need to be at your best or you’ll risk someone else taking your spot.

Are you enlightened after reading this post? The next time you sleep in, appreciate the fact that you can. You can bet that the writers of this world are awake and formulating a plan to conquer the entire universe. In their next novel of course. Did you really think I was serious?


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