Sometimes I Blog Because

Sometimes I blog because I want to forget.

I have to erase the pain. I need to stop thinking about something that is bothering me. Even if it’s only temporarily.

I know that’s bad. I know that’s such a selfish reason to blog.

But sometimes I blog because it’s the only I can feel better and be happier. Is that selfish? For wanting happiness? Especially if that happiness is for myself?

I blog for many reasons. I don’t just blog for myself. I don’t only blog to forget. Sometimes I do. Many times I don’t.

The world is confusing. Life is difficult enough. To make sense of it all, I blog. I write. I can say all the things I can’t say in real life. I share a part of myself with the world on my blog; unedited, raw, personal.

I blog out of fear; I blog out of love.

10 thoughts on “Sometimes I Blog Because

  1. I don’t think it’s a selfish reason to blog…on the contrary…if blogging helps, by all means do it. I started writing to deal with pain. I write now to deal with issues and it really helps, especially since I’m not good at expressing myself outwardly to people. So it’s not a bad thing and it’s not selfish…it’s you, being who you are. uniquely beautiful you.


    1. Hey Kev.
      I think your comment is very accurate. I got into writing for the same reason, to deal with pain. It’s my way of coping with stress and anxiety. What you said is true. After all, we are expressing ourselves through writing or blogging. And being ourselves and no one else is the best thing to be.


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