How To Get To Know A Writer Better

Who better to give you advice on getting to know a writer better than an actually writer herself. This is for anybody who wants to know more about writers or anyone who is puzzled by the existence and enigma that is the writer. Maybe you’re in love with a writer. Maybe you want to get on their good side. Maybe you need insider information on a particular writer. Whatever the case may be, I hope one, if not all, of the following will aid you on your quest to uncover the truth.

So how do you get to know a writer (better?!)?

  • Google them.
    Duh. It’s quick, easy, and will yield plenty of results on any real writer. You might discover a piece they published, a blog they run, or a social media account dedicated to the fine art of writing. Even better, you might find all three! Trust me. Google me. Type in HERMINIA CHOW into Google and then you’ll see that I’m not lying when I say any serious writer has something online with their name attached to it. However, every educated and intelligent writer is wary about what they post online. Writers throw caution to the wind when it comes to their reputation. You won’t find anything extremely scandalous or shameful by Googling a writer but you’ll find some things you wouldn’t have known otherwise. Try it. You may be surprised with what you find.
  • Read something written by them.
    How you get your hands on their diary is not my responsibility or my liability. Still, you’ll know much more about a writer if you can find a piece they wrote. Which come to think of it shouldn’t be too difficult. They are a writer. And last I checked, writers write. So read their poems, stories, plays, sonnets, etc. Analyze the diction, the tone, but most important of all, analyze the writer’s voice. I know this sounds like high school English all over again but how a writer writes speaks volumes about them. What they choose to write about is usually a reflection of their life. Reading a writer is as simple as reading what the writer has written, paying particular attention to content and style.
  • Last of all, if you’re willing/able to, TALK to the writer.
    Ask them questions. Be friendly, open, and non-judgmental. Writers don’t enjoy hostility. They don’t like having someone shoot down all their ideas either. Writers are good at not being wrong and because so few people accept and understand them well, writers want to have a conversation with someone who won’t judge them. Writers are far from perfect. But give them a chance and they’ll show you all the incredible things they are trying to perfect. Like their conversing skills.

When all is said and done, you may realize writers aren’t all that different. They have dreams and desires like everyone else. They have their share of strengths and weaknesses. Writers aren’t that scary to approach. And they want people to be their friends to. Writers are human.

Hey, if you get to know them, they’ll get to know you too.

Anyone want to sit down over a cup of coffee?

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