Why I Am Not The Same Blogger I Was A Year Ago

Aside from the obvious reasons, there is one which has bothered and affected my blogging activities, despite my attempts to never let anything or anyone ruin my blog.

The number one reason why I am not the same blogger I was a year ago:


This might blow your mind.

Noticed I italicized ‘might’?

I did so deliberately.

In case, what I say doesn’t end up blowing your mind.

Then I won’t get sued.

Since I had the word ‘might’ in italics.

If what I say resonates with you in any way, good.

Let’s be friends.

If the below does not resonate with you at all, that’s fine.

We can still be friends.

I am aware some of you may skip to the end of this post.

That’s okay.

I invite you to do so.

However, I am also sure someone will read this post from beginning to end.

If you do, I’ll reward you.

You should know better than to expect an expensive gift.

Or any gift with monetary value.

If you do not mind waiting, I will reward you when the time is right.

Meaning after I get a job.

And after I have some savings.

As well as an extra bit of money to spend.

Which may be never.

If I end up pursuing a writing career, I doubt I will live life extravagantly.

So all my gifts will be inexpensive.

I digress often.

As you can tell.

The next few sentences will be about blogging.


I am not the same blogger I was a year ago because…

…school sucks the creativity, enthusiasm, humor, originality, and wit out of me.

I am well aware this is an excuse.

And a terrible one too.

But it’s the truth.

School seems to drain my energy these days.

I want to be a better blogger.

I honestly do.

Believe me when I say I am doing my best.

To wrap it all up, I will thank you.

All of you.

Thank you for tolerating me.

Even when I am not at my best.

Thank you for liking me.

Even when I am at my worst. 

Thank you for supporting me.

Even when I am not there for you.

Thank you for encouraging me.

Even when I am depressing or dejecting. 

Thank you for inspiring me.

Even when I am not so inspirational myself.  

34 thoughts on “Why I Am Not The Same Blogger I Was A Year Ago

  1. What a bummer about school. We all go through slumps, emotionally and inspirationally, and school can be a REALLY long slump. Don’t give up! Or, use the frustration over school to write some dark stuff. Get it all out on paper (or in Word), and you might be surprised by what you’ve written. Hang in there!


    1. You have no idea how much your comment has improved my morale. Thank you. I think the real problem is I felt happier back then.

      I love your advice. Blogging has helped me through some tough times and I’m sure my WordPress followers wouldn’t mind reading some darker stuff. 🙂

      Once again, thanks so much. 😀


      1. Mmm, good one. I’m loving that pun. 😀

        Don’t worry, I will continue writing and blogging. Quitting is not and never will be an option. I’ll be on that saddle for the rest of my life and I hope you will be too!


  2. I think you’re a great blogger. AND I want my gift! School doesn’t last forever, so just keep on trucking through and eventually you’ll be glad you did. Eventually.


    1. Thanks John! That means a lot. Haha, good things come to those who wait. 🙂

      True…although, some days school feels like it won’t ever end. 😦

      Thank you. About that gift, I’ll see what I can do. 😉


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