Clubs And Teams My High School Is Missing

Talking to students from other schools got me thinking. Why does my school (MCI) lack so many clubs, committees, teams, etc? I’ll list a few of them below.

Newspaper committee. 

To be fair my school had one which lasted all but half a year give or take. Don’t quote me on that. Long story short: some grade 12’s decided to start a club they weren’t even passionate about. Hence the non-existent, sorry excuse for a newspaper committee. Anyway, a friend of mine was reading her school’s newspaper today. Another friend who goes to a different school mentioned they had one too. Which reminded me all too clearly why my high school does not have a proper newspaper. The wonderfully committed grade 12’s abandoned the project halfway through. My friends wonder why I don’t start it up.  My answer: half the school is not literate enough to read anything I write. Now that’s something you can quote me on.

Football team.

I commend our school for having many sports team, but one day, I asked about (the one team my school is missing) football. The teacher told me it was an expensive sport. Even if funds were a problem, football can’t be that much more expensive than any other athletic team. Also, I can’t help but think of every single movie and book which features a high school football team. Then again, real life is never like the movies.


Only because I think cheer and gymnastics is so much fun to watch. And dance because it’s dance. I’m a dancer. I love dancing. How can you not love dancing? Even if my school didn’t compete competitively, I think it would still be fun to have a cheer, gymnastics or dance team. What’s the problem with that?

2 thoughts on “Clubs And Teams My High School Is Missing

  1. I love reading your posts – they take me right back to my high school days. My high school did have all of the above, but it’s sad that a lot of schools don’t have them these days. What kind of school do you go to (public/private?) Is there not enough funds or enough interest maybe?


    1. Aw, thank you. I appreciate your kind words. By the way, your high school sounds like the place I would love to go to. 🙂

      It is very unfortunate. I am most upset that we don’t have a newspaper committee since there’s so much to learn skills wise. Writing, editing, designing, promoting, etc. To answer your question I go to a public school. Also, your question is pretty spot on. I think there’s a combination of both factors at play. Every school has only so much money to spend on clubs and depending on the demographics, interests vary greatly. Although in my opinion a newspaper is the least expensive of the three to manage plus it would appeal to most.


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