Personal Reflection

Life Is So Much Better When…

Life is so much better when…

  • you have a blog. I don’t care if your blog is about grass or if it doesn’t get many views. Having a blog is still having a blog.
  • you enjoy reading. I feel sorry for you if you despise reading. Wait…actually, I don’t.
  • you don’t hate writing. The world should write you off. Get it?
  • you can wake up whenever you like. One of a million perks of being a writer.
  • you are flexible physically and mentally. You should’ve seen this coming. I dance. I write. It’s my life.

13 thoughts on “Life Is So Much Better When…

  1. Agreed- but basically I think life is better when you have an outlet for your stress, whether it’s writing, loosing yourself in a book, or exercising.


    1. Definitely. I think everybody also needs to be passionate about something too. Sometimes the outlet and the passion go hand in hand. Other times they may be vastly different. Whatever the case, life is short so we need to make the best of it.


      1. Damn! I was hoping you’d forget about that one and make it easier for me to jump ya! 😀


      2. Had ya there, didn’t I? 😀 “I never forget a face!” (can’t remember where that quote came from… some movie. 😀


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