Personal Reflection

Pretentious Pet Peeves

I have a billion pet peeves but five four pretentious ones. The last one not so much. It’s a legitimate pet peeve if you ask me.

  • Slower than normal internet (waiting ten seconds for a page to load is too looong)
  • No WiFi connection (especially when I need…uh, when I want it most)
  • Computer crashes/freezes (caused in part by my opening too many tabs)
  • Fast battery draining (get it together phones, iPod shuffles, and tablets of the world)
  • Blatant spelling errors (resulting from laziness, carelessness, and did I mention laziness?)

2 thoughts on “Pretentious Pet Peeves

  1. Those aren’t pretentious, they’re just First World Problems! 🙂 Ones most of us find very annoying too. When I find myself irritated by something like that I just try to remember how lucky I really am. (It doesn’t stop me from swearing at my computer though!)


    1. Haha you make a good point. I know I shouldn’t find these things annoying, rather I should be grateful for what I have. Yeah, I can’t help but feel a tiny bit spoiled as well. :\


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