Personal Reflection

Everything I Hate About Summer


I can’t stand them. Frankly, any type of insect grosses me out.


Imagine me dripping with sweat. It is not a nice sight to behold.


Applying sunscreen falls into the category of things I rather never do.


I like my skin colour as it is. Any darker and I won’t look Asian.


There is a serious lack of stress in my life. I’m starting to miss school…

50 thoughts on “Everything I Hate About Summer

      1. Okay, okay, don’t panic. It’s because we’re Asian, it comes with the territory. Unless we’re competing with someone for something, anything, our mind’s aren’t able to cope. Quick, go find someone you can beat at eating a whole tub of ice cream, you’ll be just fine. Don’t worry! 😀


      2. I’m doing my best to cope. I couldn’t find anyone though. And I just realized we’re out of ice cream. Do you by any chance have some? Maybe we can have an ice cream eating competition against each other. 🙂


      3. Haha! It’s just because other non-Asians know better than to compete with us :p I do have some, and I’m very competitive, plus I think I would have a GREAT time competing in this game 😀 Let’s go, we can both try till we win so we never EVER stop 🙂


      4. I agree, but I thought we’d already started 🙂 Oh well, I’ll just take those 2 WHOLE tubs of Ice cream I finished over the weekend as a practice run, I know, it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it 🙂 Now all I have to do is fit though my front door to get to the freezer 😉

        Honour is mine by the way, you’re too cool!!!


      5. Oops. I guess you’ll have an advantage in this competition considering you already finished 2 entire tubs of ice cream. I’m starting to think this is going to destroy my reputation. I’ll be known as the girl who can’t even eat one tub of ice cream on the Internet. Hahaha you’ll manage. When you win, you will realize it was worth all the consequences. 😛

        No no. You are. Let’s not forget you are the one who already devoured two tubs in one weekend. I’m impressed. 😉


      6. Haha, yes, but what ever I have gained in ego & pride advantage, I have lost in my back pocket, because now I need a new wardrobe! No matter what the consequences, no matter how hard I wrack my brain, I can seriously attest to no negative attributes associated with ingesting scrumptious ice cream! I think this game of “you’re too cool”, “No, you are” could go on forever, so let’s simply agree to disagree, besides you’re way cool, no returns … for like infinity 🙂


      7. Oh oh let’s go shopping together. No doubt I’ll need some new clothes after this is all said and done. Which, by the way, when will we declare a winner? Hahaha. There are plenty of positive attributes. Like the fact that we now have an excuse to go shopping for a totally new wardrobe. 😉

        You’re not being fair. You can’t do that!


      8. That would be coooooolllll! Now all we need to do is find some sponsors to sponsor our very noble, and important to research cause. I think this is a game that should last us a lifetime, we can then donate our bodies to science. It’s all about the cause. Sometimes our generosity staggers … seriously!


      9. I’ll start making calls right now. Once I explain what we are doing, I’m sure everybody will understand just how important our cause is. Mm I’m in agreement. I’m ready to be committed to this cause for the rest of my life no matter what. We could change the world little by little. Aha, sometimes? 😛

        By the way, I think we need a name for this cause/game/project.


      10. I agree – I mean how can anyone NOT see how important this cause is, it’s right up there with finding cures for abominable viruses, world peace and making everyone understand Barbie’s sinister, evil plans :p

        I’m not very good with titles, all I can come up with is “I scream for Ice Cream. Please donate generously to make this world a better, sweeter, creamier place, and chuck in some cookies and M&M’s while you’re at it please”. I hope that little propaganda gets us what we want, I mean, how couldn’t it? 😀


      11. Hahahaha. To be honest, I think what we are doing is even more important than Barbie. 😉

        That’s a mouthful to say but I like it. I’m sure once people hear ice cream, they’ll donate their entire life savings to us. If we don’t get the cookies or M&M’s, we can always purchase them ourselves using all the money we’ll be receiving. Besides who wouldn’t want to contribute to such a worthy cause?


      12. I know right? I think it’s a very legitimate reason to spend our charitable donations on – cookies and cream bits, and M&M’s. What would the world do without us?!

        Barbie is so yesterday anyway! 😀


      13. Hehehe. We’re making the world a much better place one cookie, cream bit, and M&M at a time. 😀

        I’m so glad I found such a wonderful partner. That’s going to make things so much easier. 😉


      14. We’ve had some wonderful conversations. If only I could have such humbling, modest conversations with others. Our exchanges should be studied by science so future generations can learn from us. 😛


      15. I know, I think we could be an example of how to never lie, and we could teach the art of truthful modesty. It’s just so sad no one’s on the same page … yet! 🙂


      16. The future is bright. Not just for us but for the next generations as well. Oh, I would love to go to England and meet her. You’re too intuitive, reading my mind and all.


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