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Going Back To School: Pros And Cons


  • Back to school shopping.
  • Uh…my mind can’t think of any.
  • Um…I’ll get back to you on this?


  • Less time to read.
  • Less time to write.
  • Less time to blog.

Can a kind soul convince my parents to let me take the year off, so I can focus on the things that matter (i.e. books and blogs)?

12 thoughts on “Going Back To School: Pros And Cons

  1. I took 4 months off of school every year until junior year of High School because something would happen right before Christmas or Thanksgiving that would totally knock things out of whack.
    I can honestly say do NOT take a year off.
    I am paying for it now in senior year and it is no fun.


    1. Oh I’m sorry to hear that. Ah taking a year off was not and never will be an option for me. This is my senior year too. I know you’re making up for what you missed, but I hope you make the most out of it. 🙂


  2. Here’s my selfish bit: Don’t forget us! We’re waiting to hear some pros about school. Cheers for making it to your senior year with a clear identity and vision.


  3. I loved going to school. I always looked forward to what I would learn in my classes, from my teachers and the other students. Keep your eyes open, there might be a story in the midst 🙂


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