I really want to go to a conference for bloggers.

Not because I want to tell people “I attended BlogCon” but because then I can actually say, “I met some of the most amazing bloggers on this planet in person.”

28 thoughts on “BlogCon

      1. Haha – even in sweaters and sweatpants! So funny. You’re like so cool!!! Especially in sweaters and sweatpants, even if they wear sequence and bling and appear to have raided Miley Cyrus’ closet!!! 😉


      2. I am just THRILLED that I nabbed the bestest, most articulated, perfect, intelligent, witty person out there are my brain mate. I don’t know what I would have done if that hadn’t happened. You are an EXPERT in everything that is witty, so very important in a writer!

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      3. More like I stole your brain away from everyone else for selfish reasons like improving my vocabulary and enhancing my knowledge. 😉 If I didn’t have you, my life would suck so much. You’re just this bundle of joy. 😀 Thank you. Likewise. You are the most witty person I know.

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      4. Oh no, that is not true at all, my brain followed yours like a love sick puppy doggy 🙂 Your vocabulary and knowledge is unsurpassable, I can’t wait until you make your amazing mark on the planet fellow bundle of happiness and sunshine!!!

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      5. If I ever need to think of a simile to use in my writing, I know exactly who I can turn to. 😉 I think you mean you can’t wait for us to make our mark on this world. 😀 Hey we already are! In small but significant ways.

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