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What I Need To Stop Doing

I need to stop being a perfectionist.

Perfecting projects is a serious time-consumer, mood-killer, and joy-sucker.

Although I’m still in high school, if you asked me what I would have done differently as a teenager, hands down I would say:


20 thoughts on “What I Need To Stop Doing

  1. Sounds like a post I could have written! 😉
    I think that’s one of the reasons why I’ve never even come close to attempting NaNoWriMo: because one month isn’t long enough to write a novel and make it PERFECT, which is what I always want to do.


  2. Sounds like me!
    It’s not so much I like getting everything perfect, but I like being 100% right.
    It is a very bad weakness of mine that I’m working to get out of before it becomes a problem in college.

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