Last Week Of NaNoWriMo—A Survival Guide

  1. Eat good, nutritious food. On second thought, try to.
  2. Avoid looking like a zombie once December rolls around. Hint: sleep.
  3. Kill your inner critic. Literally. You can always revive him/her/it later.
  4. Sit your derriere into your chair. Use glue if you must.
  5. Abandon everything, okay fine, not everything. You know what I mean. Go write. Right now.

I can’t wait to see your lovely faces (not your I-haven’t-slept-in-four-weeks-so-I’m-gradually-turning-into-a-zombie one) and your beautiful manuscripts. Yes, your manuscript is beautiful. You’ll most likely make it more beautiful in due time. But first you need to finish. If you’ve already finished, you can disregard half of this post.

Good luck even though most of you don’t need luck.

Have a wonderful last week of November, which should really be called National Novel Writing Month by everyone. Non-writers especially.

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