My Memory Better Not Fail Me

I have a love-hate relationship with line memorization.

For crying out loud, I’m a writer, not an actor.

My grades should not depend on how well I can memorize lines.

Let’s hope my memory cooperates with me.

Any tips and advice on memorization is welcome.


29 thoughts on “My Memory Better Not Fail Me

  1. phantomwriter143 says:

    For some reason, memorization has always come easily to me. Part of that is due to my 15 years in musical theater, the other part is the insane amount of memorization required in college and grad school.

    I’m the queen of note cards and repeating everything out loud to myself. If we hear and say things, we’re more likely to remember them than if we just read them. (That’s scientific). I will sometimes put the words to a random, crappy tune of my own making. Because I’m a loon. But there’s a reason we remember songs much easier/better than phrases and words from books. So sing it, sister! And good luck!

    • aspiringwriter22 says:

      Aw lucky you. Well, you did work for it. It isn’t like you were born with magical memorization capabilities. Although now that I think about it, I would like to have an insanely good memory.

      I’ll definitely write out my lines. Afterwards, I’ll just say them over and over and over again. By the end, I hope these lines will be as familiar as the back of my hand. Hahaha I’ve never been a good singer but I’ll try to start singing in the shower. Love your advice. Thanks for sharing what works for you. πŸ™‚

  2. Ellen Hawley says:

    Before I offer advice, I should confess: I never did manage to memorize the multiplication tables. But if you repeat something often enough, you will remember it. I learned that when I was part of a staged reading–five writers presenting their own work as a piece of theater. I had no idea how to memorize my own words, but the director told me to read it aloud, over and over, until I could let the paper go. And it works.
    I wish someone had told me that about the multiplication tables.

  3. Nihar Pradhan says:

    Memorization is not a easy task…we all hate it, but somethings cannot be avoided and needs to be memorized…application is the best methods for keeping it longer in the memory bank…interesting thought.

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