What Is Wrong With My Cranium?

I have not published a blog post since Friday. Falling asleep the last two days was not an easy feat to achieve. I was so close to dragging my butt out of bed just so I could blog.

Somehow my heart could not convince my mind that sacrificing some sleep for several minutes of blogging was a good idea. For some reason, my brain thought school was more important than this blog. It isn’t by the way.

The million dollar question of today follows:

What is wrong with my cranium?


12 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With My Cranium?

  1. mpsharmaauthor says:

    The only thing “wrong” with your brain is that it is superb in every conceivable and inconceivable way and is so overly superior when compared to the rest of us mere mortals out there

    • aspiringwriter22 says:

      You’re amazing. Today someone told me that my brain was not working in the rudest way possible. In my head I thought it’s better than not having a brain or having one and not using it. Thank goodness I have you. I appreciate your support and kind words.

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