A New Addiction

I did it. I finally made a Goodreads account. Why did it take me so long? Well, I think I was innately afraid I would fall in love. Guess what? I am in love. (Thanks Rachel and Kate). I could probably spend hours on Goodreads, browsing, rating, reading, etc. I almost did this morning. It’s like a magical world, an alternate universe.

OK I know I am late, but permission granted to creep me on Goodreads.

One last link, I promise. In my reading resolutions post, I pledged to read 22 books this year. Now if I can just get off Goodreads long enough to pick up a book…


24 thoughts on “A New Addiction

  1. Rachel says:

    I told you you would like it! It’s suh a great site and so helpful for someone who needs to be organized and OCD with everything… like me. πŸ™‚

  2. phantomwriter143 says:

    It’s a great site, but I’ve actually found that I’m rarely on there. Months will go by before I check it again. However, when I do visit, I usually spend an hour or so on there. So I’m just as guilty.

  3. Sprinkled With Words says:

    I spend AGES on GoodReads, it’s probably really bad for me… xD I have it on my phone, with the cool scanning thing, and just scan barcodes left, right and centre when I’m in a bookstore! I have so many added to my to-read list…

  4. Likestarfilledskies says:

    I finally made a Goodreads account at the start of the year as well πŸ™‚ It’s pretty cool! I wish I’d made one sooner!

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