Writing Resolutions

Due to human error, this post wasn’t published yesterday. My sincerest apologies.

Hopefully you enjoyed my blogging and reading resolutions posts. If you haven’t read them yet, I invite you to check them out.

Now this blog wouldn’t be complete without a writing resolutions post. After all, this is mainly a writing blog.

I would have posted this earlier, but it wasn’t written yet so I couldn’t.

Without further ado, these are my writing resolutions for this year.

I aspire to write at least a rough draft of a novel. To be even more specific, I want to write said novel in the present tense, not the past. Most, if not all, of my novels and stories are written in the past tense. For some strange reason, I find the past tense easier than the present. But this year I’m going to push myself more as a writer. The best way to do that is through change.

While I’m on the topic of change, I think it’d be good for me to write something outside of my comfort zone. Plays. Don’t worry I don’t have any crazy visions of being a stellar screenwriter any time soon. Still, I’ve always wanted to write one legitimate screenplay. I’m aiming for roughly 100 pages.

Last but not least, I’d like to write more short stories. They’re fun to write plus, at one point, I went through a short story phase. 10 sounds like a reasonable number.

With all I plan on doing this year, I’m going to be one busy gal.

I hope you’ll keep yourself busy in 2015 as well.

17 thoughts on “Writing Resolutions

    1. Yep. Present tense is going to be a challenge. I’ve already started working on it. I’m afraid I’ll revert back to past tense half-way through. 😛 Oh, role plays. There’s something I should experiment with more often.


  1. I’m also planning on attempting some short stories this year, which is a little bit intimidating since I’ve never tried it before. I can’t imagine writing one let alone ten! Best of luck this year!

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  2. Ha… I was wondering if you forgot to post or if my WordPress was broken. 😉

    Anyway, present tense is difficult. You end up writing in the past tense without even realizing it. You catch your mistakes and then when you go back to edit after the manuscript is finished… you realize you still managed to write half the novel in past tense! It is fun, though. It’s an interesting change of pace.

    I’ve written a couple of scripts (all of them were lost when my flash drive died, though… sad) and they’re a lot of fun, too. 100 pages is more or less a movie. They say each page is technically “one minute” of screen time.

    Have fun with the short stories! They are a lot of fun, but I have to admit I think I like writing novels better… I have too many ideas to fit into such a small space. 🙂

    Good luck with these goals in 2015!

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    1. Sorry. I thought I scheduled the post, but I guess I didn’t. Ahhh I got a little heart attack for a second when I realized my mistake.

      Yes, I do that all the time. My last NaNo novel was all over the place at one point. I ultimately ended up writing most of it in past tense. Ahaha that reminds me, I have a lot of editing to do. 😛

      Oh nooo. 😦 I’m sad hearing that. Awww. I’ve heard something along those lines as well.

      Thanks. I’m not sure if they’ll turn out as good as yours, but at least they’re something different. Both forms are insanely similar yet totally different at the same time, if that even makes sense. 🙂 I’m sure many writers can relate to that.

      Thank you Rachel. Best of luck to you!

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  3. My current WIP is actually written in past, but I went back to it in the second week or so of December (it was a NaNoWriMo novel) and got about a paragraph in before freaking out because I thought it was in present tense. Don’t do what I did!
    I do find myself, when writing in present, slipping back into past and having to go back and switch around all those verbs. It’s long work!

    But the novella which I recently uploaded to Wattpad (and is going to be published this year, whether I like it or not) is in present tense and I managed to do (most of) that all right. My friend adores it but I just see 20000 words of mistakes! XD

    Ooh, screenplays! I think the most fun thing I have written so far was a screenplay entitled TOAST. I just love it so much and really can’t wait to write the sequel! I need to edit, of course, but mine turned out to be 120 pages; 30 more than I wanted! Haha.

    Short stories are greaaaat!!~ I love them so much. 😀 Have fun! And if you ever find yourself needed a reviewer/editor, you know where to find me!

    Good luck with your 2015 goals! Loads of mine are to do with writing, too!

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    1. Oh wow. Ah, I’ll try not to do that. 😛 That is me as well. Every single time I write a story in present tense, I start using past tense. I know exactly what you mean.

      Awesome. I’d love to read it. Don’t be so hard on yourself. 🙂 You wrote a novella…in present tense!

      I love the title. There’s even a sequel? Aha, I’m worried I won’t be able to hit 100 pages, so 120 is quite impressive.

      Awww you are the best! I’d like to extend to you the same offer. Reviewer, editor, reader, anything. Say the word and I’ll be there. 😀

      Thanks. I wish you all the best this year. Accomplish a lot, write a lot, and blog a lot. 😉


      1. Haha!

        If you really want to read it, it’s here: hope.ly/1yzs54f. But just to let you know, it’s full of errors and the continuity is terrible!

        Thanks, the title is related to the fact it mainly takes place in a breakfast club! And well, there will be a sequel when it comes into existence! ;P

        Aww thanks! 😀

        I wish you all the best as well! 😀

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